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Why Sugary Candy is Dangerous to Dogs

Did you know that Feb. 15 is National Gumdrop Day? While you may be wondering what gumdrops and toxicology have in common, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center toxicologists warn that gumdrops are not as innocent as they may look. With the ingestion of gumdrops (or any candy high in sugar) […]

Do I Have A Fat Dog? How To Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight

By Kate Barrington Does my butt look big in this collar? Here are a few tips to deal with a fat dog.Dogs are known for being voracious eaters – no matter how well you feed them, they always seem to be hungry. This being the case, it is easy to […]

How To Read Dog Body Language

By Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT Key PointsDeciphering dog body language is an important part of communicating with your canine.Dogs use posture, facial expressions, and other body language to communicate.Understanding your’s dog body language is a key aspect of responsible ownership.Bracco Italiano head and shoulders facing forward, head tilted.communicationDog body language […]

5 Ways to Protect Pets in Winter

Follow these tips to keep animals safe and comfortable In many areas, winter is a season of bitter cold and numbing wetness. Make sure your four-footed family members stay safe and warm by following these simple guidelines. 1. Keep pets shelteredKeep your pets inside with you and your family. Under […]

Ringing In The New Year Safely With Your Pet

by Dr. Fiona Lee, DVM As the year comes to an end, there are certainly going to be celebrations in hopes for a better new year. While your dog may have liked having you home more frequently due to quarantine and social distancing restrictions, it seems like most people are […]

Is your Dog “Aggressive”?

Aggression is the most common and most serious behavior problem in dogs. It’s also the number-one reason why pet parents seek professional help from behaviorists, trainers and veterinarians. What Is Aggression? The term “aggression” refers to a wide variety of behaviors that occur for a multitude of reasons in various […]

Dangerous Dog Toys

It’s Not All Fun and Games – Potentially Dangerous Dog Toys Many commonly used dog toys can be dangerous if not properly maintained or play is not supervised. Toys can be homemade, purchased or “found.” Make sure you inspect the toy because some toys sold in pet shops and supermarkets […]

Warning: Top 10 Winter Dangers For Pets

By Dr. Jack Stephens With winter well underway, you’ve probably spent time and energy to winterize your house and your car. But have you thought about winterizing for your pet? Severely cold weather brings threats to pet health and safety, and many of these might shock or surprise you. Here […]

6 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Bad For Cats And Dogs

By Dr. Jack Stephens What Foods are Toxic to Dogs and Cats? Thanksgiving is almost here and that means an abundance of delicious food. However, many popular human dishes aren’t healthy for pets to consume. It’s important to remember which foods are bad for dogs and cats. Especially, during holiday […]

6 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Overeating

Anyone who has ever had to pull their dog out of the bag of dog food knows that some dogs don’t know when to stop eating. Other dogs may not eat much in one sitting, but they’ll return to the bowl multiple times a day, grazing anytime they remember the […]

Safe Thanksgiving Foods To Share With Your Dog or Avoid

By Mary Kearl Key PointsThanksgiving tends to coincide with an uptick in vet visits, due to dogs being fed unsafe human foods.Turkey meat, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin are all safe, healthy foods to share with your dog.Bones, sweets, alcohol, and fatty foods are all things that should be avoided by […]

Why do dogs tilt their heads? New research makes an intriguing discovery.

Dogs are weird, wonderful, goofy creatures who are adorable on the outside and mostly a mystery on the inside. As much as we’d like to understand everything our furry friends are thinking, the closest we can get to fully interpreting their behavior is the dedicated work of animal scientists who […]


With Halloween less than a week away, many pet owners have already purchased their animal’s costume. While these outfits can be fun and festive, the wrong outfit can pose dangers to your animal. Although costumes are a fun way to interact with your pet, Dr. Mark Stickney, Clinical Associate Professor […]

How to Prevent & Clean Tear Stains on Your Dog’s Face

With white-coated breeds such as Bichons Frises, many at some point in their life will develop those very distracting, red-brownish tear stains underneath their eyes, around their muzzles, and in between their toes. The cause can be related to health issues, shape of the eye, blocked tear-ducts, puppy teething, ear […]

7 Reasons Not To Buy A Puppy From A Pet Store

By Melissa Cronin Puppy mills, or large commercial facilities that breed dogs to sell to pet stores, show little regard for the well-being of the animals they’re breeding. Not only are the puppies born into overcrowded and unsanitary conditions — the breeding dogs are also often kept in separate, confined […]

How Dogs can Help with Depression

By Greer Grenley Depression is a widespread issue in the U.S. affecting about 40 million adults. Fortunately, there are many ways to feel better. Talking to a licensed psychiatrist can make a huge difference and there are so many effective medications out there. Exercise and healthy eating can help too, […]

4 Tips on Preparing Your Dog for Back-to-School Season

Summertime will soon give way to fall, and your dog may need some help adjusting to the new schedule. Try the following tips to ensure your dog has the best experience possible once your family’s fall routine goes into full effect. 1. Practice your new routine before school starts. With your […]

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

by Mary Simpson You’re never fully dressed without some dog hair clinging to your clothes! If you don’t mind the fuzz, here are the dog breeds that shed the most.While my gal-pals are non-shedding Schnoodles that require regular grooming by a seasoned pro, I’m always surprised to find those non-Poodle […]

How to Prevent Tear Stains on Your Dog’s Face

With white-coated breeds such as Bichons Frises, many at some point in their life will develop those very distracting, ugly, red-brownish tear stains underneath their eyes, around their muzzles, and in between their toes. The cause can be related to health issues, shape of the eye, blocked tear-ducts, puppy teething, […]

Fireworks: Awesome for Humans, Terrifying for Pets!

Tips for keeping your dogs, cats and other pets safe and happy during summer celebrations Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets⁠—and possibly hazardous. On the Fourth of July, many pets become so frightened by the noise […]

How Hot is Too Hot? Heatstroke in Dogs

By Harriet Meyers Key PointsHeatstroke can saddle your dog with serious health problems.The most common cause of heatstroke is confining a dog to an enclosed car.Use cool, but not ice-cold, water to reduce your dog’s body temperature. Dogs are notoriously bad at dissipating body heat. Watch for early signs of […]

Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

Reviewed and updated on June 1, 2020 by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM Whether we’re hitting the beach, taking the field at a ball game, or simply heading out for a walk, we know that during the summer months, wearing sunscreen is key to our health and safety. But what about […]

Why you should Adopt a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue

Pet adoption and pet rescue Bringing home a new pet is incredibly exciting. And adopting a pet from a shelter or rescue group is not only exciting, but it’s truly a feel-good experience as well. Every day, more than 1,700 dogs and cats are killed in America’s shelters simply because […]

Signs your pet has seasonal allergies — and what you can do to help

Some days it seems like you step outside into a thick cloud of pollen, ragweed, or even worse, mold. Hello, seasonal allergies! Thankfully humans have remedies that let us enjoy the warm summer weather without itchy eyes and inflamed sinuses. But what about your pet? If you notice your pet […]

Woof! Woof! What Does My Dog’s Barking Mean?

by Arden Moore In conversations, people choose from millions of words and a variety of languages to express themselves. By comparison, dogs do most of their “talking” using postures and body cues. When they do speak, they are capable of making only about 15 different sounds. Dogs choose their barks, […]

Fun, Cognitive Training Games To Make Your Dog Smarter

by Jordan Upmalis There are lots of objectives when it comes to training your dog, but beyond the obvious skill and relationship building aspects to training, another advantage is that it challenges your dog and ultimately makes them smarter. And who says it can’t be fun? Beyond basic obedience training, […]

Why Having A Pet Improves Our Physical And Mental Health

By Ray ChaoIn a world of uncertainty, there is no doubt that your pet brings love and companionship into your life. Additionally, scientists are discovering that there are many health benefits associated with having pets. In fact, just as science is teaching us more about pet health and wellness, researchers […]

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

by Rivan V. Stinson Adoption rates have risen across the country as more people search for companionship while they work from home and endure various stages of quarantines and lockdowns. Some shelters, such as Riverside County Animal Shelter, in Riverside, Calif., have reported that they are empty due to high […]

Are There Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?

Dr. Chris Roth, DVM Many people suffer from allergies and specific reactions to cat allergens occur in about 10% of the population worldwide. So, what can be done about this problem? Several types of treatment are available for people who suffer from cat allergies however, many who suffer wonder if […]

Say Goodbye to Tear Stains for Good With These Tips From Experts

By: Paula Fitzsimmons Weep no more over doggy tear stains! You know, those reddish-brown pools of color that form around a pooch’s eyes? Tear stains on dogs are most noticeable on white pups, but all breeds can get them. And while they can be a sign of a serious medical […]

5 Reasons Why Dogs Should Attend Doggy Day Care

by Erin Bessey Why Doggy Day Care Is A Good IdeaIt seems like a great solution to many trainers to recommend doggy day care to the average client. Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy, or opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Here are five reasons why you […]

Small Dogs That Don’t Shed

by Anna Burke Not everyone enjoys cleaning up copious amounts of dog hair. If you are looking for a small dog with equally small amounts of shedding hair, you are in luck. From small dogs that don’t shed at all, to dogs who shed minimally, here are the dog breeds […]

10 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet

by Mark Asher What’s not to love about a puppy or a kitten? They’re cute, endlessly playful, and impossible not to instantly become smitten with. But puppies and kittens are not the right fit for every pet owner who chooses to get one. An irresistible puppy today can become an […]

How Can You Tell If Your Pet Is Overweight?

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s (APOP) 2018 Pet Obesity Survey, 55.8% of dogs are classified as overweight or obese. That means that most pets these days are overweight, even if many of their owners don’t realize it. But dog owners should be paying more attention to their […]