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Why Sugary Candy is Dangerous to Dogs

Did you know that Feb. 15 is National Gumdrop Day? While you may be wondering what gumdrops and toxicology have in common, ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center toxicologists warn that gumdrops are not as innocent as they may look. With the ingestion of gumdrops (or any candy high in sugar) […]

Ringing In The New Year Safely With Your Pet

by Dr. Fiona Lee, DVM As the year comes to an end, there are certainly going to be celebrations in hopes for a better new year. While your dog may have liked having you home more frequently due to quarantine and social distancing restrictions, it seems like most people are […]

Dangerous Human Foods That Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat – Toxic And Safe Foods For Canines

By Peter Laskey Whether you have an indoor or outdoor dog, you can be sure he or she wants to eat what’s on your table. Although I support dogs eating dog food, sometimes some human food is allowed. However, if you don’t want to hurt your four-legged house friend, you […]

Fruits and vegetables Dogs Can or Can’t Eat

It’s not uncommon to want to spoil your dog by sharing table scraps or your favorite snack. After all, if it is safe for you to eat, it must be OK for them to eat, right? Not necessarily. While many human foods are perfectly safe for dogs, some are very […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Some pets love the hustle and bustle of Halloween, while others will find this spooky holiday a bit stressful. We recognize that animals are individuals, so while you while enjoy the festivities, consider it from your pet’s perspective: “A dog’s natural instinct is to protect their home or to alert […]

5 Dangerous Valentine’s Treats Your Pet Should Avoid

Find out which Valentine’s Day treats could be dangerous to you pet! Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. As pet parents, it’s in our instincts to shower our furry friends with love and affection too. However, as you indulge in the Valentine’s […]

10 Veggies and Fruits that are Harmful to Dogs

We love to share food with our dogs, and since fruits and vegetables are healthy for us, we often assume that they’re healthy for our pets, too. This is often the case, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s always the case. In fact, there are some fruits and vegetables that […]

Exactly what to do if your pet eats something toxic

No one wants to think about their furry friend lapping up paint thinner or laundry detergent. But accidental pet poisonings happen—and they’re more common than you might think. Last year, the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center received more than 180,000 calls from pet owners whose dogs or cats ingested something […]

Healthy Snack Ideas for Dogs and Cats

Pets Like Healthy Snacks, Too – Even Vegetables Like buying candy for kids, we often think snacks that have been specially packaged for pets are the best treats in the world. Why would they want anything other than a tasty treat? But, a lot of those packaged pet snacks and […]