Why Choose Dog and Cat Pet Services at The Pet Resorts – Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA

The Pet Resorts Dunwoody

Our Guests are not stuck in a cage all day with short walks or 10 minute “playtimes”:

  • Much of the day is spent in playtime with other guests in fully monitored play rooms
  • Plenty of exercise for your pet’s enjoyment and health
  • When you pick up your pet, it is ready to relax with you, not jump all over you and chew and tear up your furniture

Kuranda Beds

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The Pet Resort-Dundwoody is run by an experienced and knowledgeable, non-seasonal staff so we understand your dog.

  • We can read your dog’s signals, understanding if they are agitated, stressed, tired, lonely, or bored and react to these signals while they stay with us.
  • We are rescue dog owners and have a genuine love for caring for your pet. We go out of our way to make sure puppies, nervous dogs, and senior dogs get plenty of attention and socialization.
  • All staff are trained in Pet First Aid techniques
  • We have tried out a number of dog bed manufacturers at both of our locations and have found that the Kuranda brand holds up the best.

All-Inclusive Pricing: We charge the same rate for any and all of the following so you are not surprised when you come in the bill is 20-30% more than you were quoted.

  • Special care for puppies
  • Special care for senior dogs
  • No extra charge for
    • Potty breaks
    • Playtime
    • Walks
    • Meds administration
    • And serving your own dog food

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